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...they have made some amazing advances in interactive Animation
Informative Videos of our Amazing SIM and basic How to;
1- Signing up and Vamp Avatar Boot Camp 
2- Using the Free services of VampIsle and Grand Central Station
3- Doing your first IM and getting around and playing a little 
Tour Videos of Select Areas of our SIM Vamp Valley, "VampIsle";
|  VampIsle Intro  |  Intro drink animations  |  Babe Bot Vampire Naked Fountain fight  |   Vamp Valley and Queens Castle and Dugeon  |  Fantasy Vamp Bar and Merv's with Harley Rezzer ... nicest bike in Second Life   |   |

Information  BELOW

About three years ago I tried using 2nd Life to set up an intereactive Club,  It is now up, with many new features and custom catfight animations such as what I used in "School Girl Anime CatFight"

>>>School Girl Anime CatFight>>>

BUT lots more :) Anyhow the new site includes the following; ClubCatfight Bar with Caged Catfight Cell; WestGallery with Catfight and Sexfight animated display, Catfight TV, Public Mud Pit, future Statuette dislay and animations for sale; Roof Top Copter Public Wrestle Mat with Looser Canon. Gypsy CatFight Casino, with Catfight Dirt Pit, slots, dirty GG Shower and Gun Range, plus free Lumen$ dispenser;

 Bitch Beach Private three way fantasy Catfight/sexfight/titfight in the surf

[working on animated tangling nets, not perfected yet] 


...and Roof Top Gulag, with Catfight to the Death Platform and another looser Canon, Nasty three way Cage, catfight Pool Table, lots of room to roll around but be aware of the exploding barrels Kinky Klown Guards his Soviet Era Choper real careful like; a completely stocked Dungeon run by Satan himself and his Cute little Vampire Mistress; and last but not least the Sexy Orgy Office complete with a Catfight mat for the girls who get left out of the Orgy. And best of all it is FREE till July 1st 2015, after that it will be about $1 US or 250$L for two months [not pro rated, i.e. membership runs in cycles from the 1st of the 1st month of the cycle to the end of the 2nd month, and is NONE recurring, with the barrier and security pass changing at the end of the cycle. [Private shows are of course more than 50 cents per month] It's easy to get on for free,

First off join Second Life

Then either search for ClubCatfight or the WestGallery Inworld, or click the link off of ClubCatfight.com, You can also search inworld for "catfight", both my site and lots of other great sites will show up. Also for you webmasters please consider exchanging links, with this unique future service.

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